VR is the Future of PR

Virtual reality has opened a world of opportunity in the field of public relations. The connection between the two is quite simple.

Simply put, VR companies have let the users do the speaking for them, which may be the reason for the surge of popularity of the technology. Ultimately, the message is clear, which is that virtual reality technology is in demand and here to stay.

The history of VR stems back to the 1950s, however, in the last decade alone there has been an explosion in the demand for virtual reality. Backed by the funding of billion-dollar companies, the virtual reality world is advancing as fast as ever. In fact, in the United States alone this year, 58.9 million people are expected to use VR.

Equally important to the popularity that virtual reality technology has is the impact and opportunity it creates. VR is also used in the military, educational, athletic, fashion, and mental health fields. In truth, the capabilities for what VR can do are growing each day. For instance, the technology allows users to connect with others around the world and quite literally dive into a whole new world.

So who exactly are the companies leading the charge?

The companies that have led the charge of the virtual reality revolution include Oculus VR, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Unity, to name a few. All of these big-time companies recognize that this field is new and has limitless potential.

However, despite all the raving done about the technology, some critics label it as “toys.” This criticism comes about even though the technology has allowed miraculous and breakthough advances such as surgeons to be transported into operating rooms world across the world to learn.

Companies have come to the realization that with virtual reality technology, they don’t have to spread the word to earn good PR. There are numerous viral videos of people using the technology and seamlessly having fun. The newness factor, life-changing capabliites as well as the high availability of the technology makes for successful product and easier earned PR.

Virtual reality technology appears to one of few products on the market where the product itself gets people to spread the word about it. This is evident as people post videos and photos online for their friends to see, which then can be shared all over the internet. For once, public relations firms can have their work done for them. The technology isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the publics want to try it.