Connecting with Millennial Moms

How to Connect with Millennial Moms

1) Find your Action Consumer
Not all moms are the same – what subset of this power demo is right for your brand? Identify your ‘Alpha Mom’ and make her your friend.

2) Balance Emotional Messaging with Pragmatic Information
She still wants to be inspired, but she also does her homework before making a purchase. It’s part of the job of being a mom – making informed choices. Over and over

3) Go Outside Your Bullseye
Use the 80/20 rule when it comes to brand messaging. Cast a wider net to reach influencers of your bullseye.

4) Remember Mom-fluence
View the whole family as your palette and consider the influence of mom across categories such as healthcare, politics and electronics.

5) Rethink Channel Planning
Use transmedia storytelling to resonate with all family stakeholders. A surround strategy is key for multitasking millennial moms.

6) Live Your Mission
The big millennial buzz words are authenticity and social causes. Millennial moms prefer brands that align with their values and pay greater lip service to brands that have authentic-sounding narratives.

7) Keep it Simple
Moms are hyper-taskers. When you’re busy, you need simplicity. Make it complicated, and you’ll lose them every time.

8) Word of Mom
The beauty of social media is it’s easy to find Millennial Moms, connect with them and solicit their ideas. Research and studies will give you hard data, but not the benefit of rich real conversation with moms. Ask for their contribution and collaboration. Engage with your audience.

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Wendy Watson is President and Founder of Clearstream Agency ( She has directed award-winning PR campaigns for the world top’s top family brands including Procter & Gamble, Disney and Marriott.